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Video Services Platform
Learn more about our video services API that supports you to accelerate business growth.

Video is becoming an inseparable ingredient for talent acquisition and assessment platform, however developing your own video tools is not only costly but also time-consuming. There is a smarter way of enabling video services on your job board, career site, or applicant tracking system using iViewXpress video services API. iViewXpress offers you full range of video services to support your business growth strategy.

iViewXpress video services API
What is the iViewXpress Video Services API?

iViewXpress offers recruiting process outsourcing agencies (RPO), job board owners, and applicant tracking systems vendors a set of video tools that is easy to integrate, customizable, and scalable. The API provides a REST framework to allow websites of all sizes enabling employer job ads, candidate video CVs, and video interviewing easily. You'll differentiate from your competitors, enhance user engagement, and increase profitability for your business. iViewXpress is your best choice because it helps your business to:

1. Provide differentiated experiences - including iViewXpress video services on your site makes your services stand out from others. The iViewXpress video API is the most customizable white-label video service on the market. You can have full control of the user interface.

2. Increase user engagement - when your users can see and record videos, they will be more productive in applying for jobs, researching candidates, and making the right hiring decisions.

3. Increase business profitability - including video as a value added service will bring in more revenue for your business. Our lightweight API ensures that you get a high return, while investing only a minimal cost.

Scalable, intelligent, and flexible - Why iViewXpress Video Services API is your smart choice.

Scalable - Video Services on the Cloud
iViewXpress is a global video services platform with which you can build scalable online video applications. Our video service platform is built on scalable, cloud computing technology. No matter which country you would like to launch video services in, iViewXpress can provide you with a scalable back-end infrastructure for video recording and streaming. Why pay for huge up front development costs? You can quickly create and deploy new applications using the iViewXpress video services platform and only pay for what you use.

Intelligent - Video Services with Recruiting Process Logic Readiness
iViewXpress is an innovative video platform that enables you to create new services easily. Our platform has a core API that includes common recruiting logic and video processes. Integrating iViewXpress into your current job board, career site, or applicant tracking system is easy and cost-efficient. With iViewXpress's patent pending technology, you can become innovative leaders among your peer competitors.

Flexible - Video Services with Multi-language Ability & Configurable User Interface
iViewXpress is an agile video platform that enables you to have full control of your user experience on your recruiting platform. Not only does it support multiple languages, but it also provides you with a set of user interface tools so you can customize your video services site.

Where Do I Begin? Join iViewXpress Affiliate Partner Network Today
Give us a try. Email us today at partners@iviewxpress.com to get your API tool kit. You can evaluate iViewXpress at no risk to see if it's the right fit for your business.

1. Request a Partner API Key - An API key will give your application access to the power of the iViewXpress Video Services Platform.

2. Browse the documentation - You will receive an API documentation and can start integration from there.

3. Agree on the business terms - You will have choice of being our reseller, distributor, or purchase our white label license. Once you agree on the business terms, we will enable a production site for you and you can launch the services on your site.

Join our LinkedIn Partner and Developer Network Group to ask and answer questions about how to develop video services for your site.

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