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Partners & Clients
Join iViewXpress Global Partnership Program today and grow your talent business...

iViewXpress offers global partner program that enables players in the HR ecosystem great growth opportunity. We work with world class players to provide video services to recruiters and candidates. If your are interested in becoming iViewXpress's affiliate partner, official distributor, or media partner, we welcome you to contact us to find more information on how to make iViewXpress video services your growth opportunity. Email us at partners@iViewXpress.com.

Job Sites & HR Information System Providers

World-class job sites are using iViewXpress to create differentiated products for their customers. If your site provides portal, job site, or other information to serve an HR community, we welcome you to contact us to find more information on how to help your HR community to achieve best practices. If your are interested in becoming iViewXpress's official distributor or business development partners, we welcome you to contact us to find more information on how to make iViewXpress video services your growth opportunity. Email us at partners@iViewXpress.com.

PieHire is the first webcam interview job board in Australia.
$alesGravy.com is the largest Sales job board in the world.
MedCatcher (Aquent Healthcare)
MedCatcher, a division of Aquent Healthcare, is launching iViewXpress soon.

Recruiting Agents & RPO Vendors

Visionary recruiting firms and RPO vendors use iViewXpress to hire the best candidates. Or, if you are and individual HR expert who can help our recruiters identify best candidates, or your company can help our hiring organizations optimize their recruiting process, we would like to know more about your services and discuss further partnership opportunities.

ActiveX Search
ActiveX Search is a premium executive headhunting firm in China.
Velocity Resource Group
Velocity Resource Group is launching a video interview integrated sourcing tool in July.
Corecode is a leading HR consulting and training organization in Sweden.

Assessments and Consulting

Leading assessment companies are using iViewXpress to enrich their product offerings.

People Assessments
PeopleAssessments is a leading behavioral interview provider in US using iViewXpress.
ActiveX Search
MeritTrac is the largest assessment firm in India with 5 millions assessments per year.
Behavior Scientific
Behavior Scientific uses BehaviorGram to assess executive compatibility.

Infrastructure and Other Partners

Our technology and marketing partners work closely with us to provide best in class services.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon provides cloud-computing infrastructure for iViewXpress globally.
Tairun IDC
Tairun is a leading IDC in China, client including Starbucks, BT and Fortune500 companies.
Internartional Market Reach
IMR is an international marketing company specialized in B2B business development.

Clients and Their Stories

A selected list of iViewXpress clients around the world.

Trump Personnel
Trump Personnel is specialized in Fashion and Retail recruiting.
IST, Inc.
IST is a multi-nation corporation using iViewXpress to hire engineers and sales.
Forza Sweden Enterpreneur Network
ForzaSweden uses iViewXpress to hire young entrepreneurs for startup programs.
IST, Inc.
Manipal is an educational institute uses iViewXpress for higher education recruits.
IST, Inc.
Contact Singapore is a government affiliate that recruits overseas talent to work in Singapore.
IST, Inc.
Tal-os is MRI China Group company that uses iViewXpress for Fortune 500 jobs.


Career Services Portal and Career Development Coach

iViewXpress collaborate with leading career services portal and career development experts to help job seekers practice their video interviews and improve their job interview skills.

ActiveX Search
iViewXpress recently partnered with Clarity Media Group (CMG), a premium communications coaching firm.  CMG’s trainers guide job seekers through the entire hiring process, from their first cover letter to negotiating a salary.  Using iViewXpress video interview platform, candidates can practice and train for online interviews and have them assessed by CMG consultants. CMG offers various videos on best video interview practices, provides interview assessment and various training packages to help iViewXpress’ candidates. Learn more about at Clarity Media Group: http://www.claritymediagroup.com/

CMG’s career services are helping candidates stand apart from the pack of other job seekers, and then once in the door, excelling at the job interview. CMG makes sure that the candidate clearly articulate the right message when seeking new job opportunities or pursuing career advancement. Bringing clarity to what makes the candidate distinctive is a critical communications skill.
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