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About iViewXpress
Seeing is believing. Smart video services that bring to light everyone's potential.
At iViewXpress, we deeply know that "seeing" leads to "believing." It's not about seeing if the person is beautiful or not, it's about seeing candidate present themselves as if you are communicating with them in their day to day work. That's why we’ve created the simplest and most effective way to help you "see" the candidates... and here's why video is the core of our services.
iViewXpress does the pre-interview, so you can see candidates NOW rather than later - great for both parties.
iViewXpress Smart Video Interview is that last-mile automatic interview tool that lets the hiring team virtually meet with the candidates' and decide if they should bring the candidate on site. It drastically reduces the risk of a painful meeting where the chemistry does not click but both parties have to sit though the typical interviews.

Procrastinating your judgment call is not a great idea. We know you will be fair when you make decision at any time. If a picture is more than a thousand words, when hiring a real person, just reading resumes or calling on the phone is really delaying your decision making. A virtual video interview is much more than phone calls, because it offers a real-world snap shot of the candidates and let you see on how they present themselves. Employers have be demanding better, faster, effective ways of assessing candidates from all angles, from their soft skills, professional expertise, and organization fit by bringing in the candidate for an on-site interview. Why not do that as early as possible if there is no hassle of scheduling.

While candidates want to demonstrate their potential as a whole package and showcase their capability in communicating and presenting themselves, they also suffered from the waiting and do not know if they should move on or not after each phone interviews.

Because every individual has so much to offer, we strongly felt that there is a gap on how employer finds top talent today and what can be done. While digital resume database frees up the reading time, social network makes brings a closer look of candidates, smart video interview is the next revolutionary step - it removes the unnecessary barrier to understand a person's potential.
Best ROI software – beating out other services charging $1000’s.
Because we are efficient and effective, compared to other services, we can offer much large volume of video interviews at 1/10th of the investment required by other services. This means with the same budget you can enable the whole organization using video interview rather than scope the usage selectively. While gaining a 90% saving for all positions - yes it is a BIG saving.

It's truly flexible, truly scalable, and truly global
The Human Capital Management business has been very fragmented and it will always be. To make video services available widely and useful for businesses of all sizes,, iViewXpress invented a patent-pending, a light weight, easy to integrate platform. With flexible customization options, organizations can maximize their branding and make the most out of video interviewing.

iViewXpress has established a very scalable infrastructure based on cloud-computing, meaning that no matter how popular a job posting is, the system can use as many servers as needed to get the interview done. Best of all, there is no additional charge for additional servers we launched for you at scale.

No other players like iViewXpress offering a true global platform for video interviewing. We offer multiple languages for customers who want to hire using local languages. iViewXpress already has local operations in Asia (including Australia & New Zealand), Europe, and North America.

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