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Press Release

2009-09 iViewXpress Unleashes the Power of Video Job Interviewing to Make Recruiting Green and Cost Efficient

  iViewXpress.com announced the launch of its revolutionary video job interviewing platform today, introducing a dynamic recruiting software for the staffing industry. Backed by the advanced scalability of Amazon EC2 computing cloud, iViewXpress is poised to become an instant leader in the up and coming virtual interview market... read more

HR Publications

2010-01 SHRM Magazine: Discovers Web-Based Video Interviews Save Time, Money. - by Dave Zielinski

  iViewXpress isn’t only a stand-alone web site - it’s an “enabler” of video interviews that can be integrated into a applicant tracking system or corporate career web site... For example, a hiring manager could post a job opening on LinkedIn and embed a “video interview now” button on the post, so a candidate interested in applying could start the video interview process immediately by clicking on the button. That feature, iViewXpress spokesperson says, “removes the step of having to make a lot of prescreening phone calls, which can take considerable time of key employees in your organization." ... read more

Blog Posts

2009-09 Cheezehead: iViewXpress, YouTube of Recruiting?

  iViewXpress, a new video interviewing site, is hoping to offer advanced and convenient video services to job seekers and recruiters by cutting costs, not corners. While other online resume sites exist, such as Zolio and VisualCV, iViewXpress hopes to offer something more in-depth by using video...

2009-09 iViioo! L'entretien de recrutement, n'importe o - Le vrai Youtube du recrutement? - By narominded.blogspot.com

  Et je dfie quiconque de retenir l'orthographe de leur marque :)
Reviews and comments


Tom MacArthu, executive of a national insurance company

  "What an interesting concept. I run an insurance company in the US with 1250 employees in 30 states. Interviewing people is an expensive effort. This would be a much more effective and cost effective way of screening candidates." - Tom MacArthur, executive of a national insurance company... "

Recruiting Professional

Lynda Allard , recruiting professional

  "I think iViewXpress is going to be a great tool in the recruiting process. Often, a simple resume is pushed aside because it may not have made an impression that would warrant a personal interview and yet the candidate may have been the best qualified. Additionally, a resume, perhaps written by a professional company, may magnify the candidates abilities, strengths, and educational background, and upon appearing for that personal interview, the employer realizes that the resume simply did not fit the candidate nor the needs of the employer. (waste of time) So having the opportunity of viewing the candidate via video could assist (in addition to a resume) the recruiting process and could be advantageous to both parties. Having been on both ends of the ladder, I hope to see more and more of this in the future. I give it a thumbs up."


William Arruda, personal branding guru

  "Video is the future. So it is an opportunity for career minded professionals to stand out now using video. Video allows people to deliver a complete communication (content, voice, body language) and gives us the opportunity to get to know them. It is the best form of personal branding and it will increase as bandwith grows and tools for creating and posting video increase. 2009 will be the year of using video to build your personal brand."


Joseph M. Pastore, Jr.

  "Super concept. Good use of tech, especially at the threshold stage of the interview process"


Karla Porter, recruiting professional

  "Very cool product."
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