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Use iViewXpress to Hire the Best
Change the way to collect candidates' information

1. Reduce your time to hire
2. Virtual interviews save time, money, and the environment
3. Customized video interview pages highlight your employer branding
4. Immediate access for all recruiters
5. Embed video interviews in any existing ATS or job sites

Remember the day your company started using monster.com to collect digital resumes? Or when you started using LinkedIn and Twitter to find and contact candidates online? iViewXpress is the next revolution in employment.

iViewXpress is an online video interview solution that provides recruiters and hiring managers the ability to screen or interview candidates virtually. iViewXpress captures candidates' unrehearsed video responses to interview questions posted to a career web site or other virtual location. Unlike resume and phone screening, iViewXpress provides interviewers with deep insight into candidate quality while avoiding the time and expense associated with in-person interviews.

iViewXpress forever changes the way employers assess communication skills, gather employment information and measure personality compatibility. See it, and you'll believe it.

Sign up today and obtain your Unlimited FREE Trial and one-on-one demo to learn about your ROI on applying video interviewing for recruiting. To learn more about video interviewing, see how it works here.

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