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Practice made Perfect. Express your Best.
Interview Practice helps prepare for any upcoming interviews

1. Practice interviewing online with virtual interview technology
2. Review afterward and see where to improve
3. Prepare for answering tough questions
4. See how to make a great impression

iViewXpress services are FREE for all candidates. Click the button below to practice with a FREE video interview.

1. Participate in a FREE Video Interview Evaluation

* Dress properly and find a good background for video
* Prepare a web cam and a browser with Flash player installed

2. Receive video interview practice results to review

* Improve your video interview skills through practice
* Prepare for answering video interview questions unrehearsed

Try our interview practice today.

3. Hire a premium interview coach

* Find a coach to help you improve job interview skills
* Rehearse and learn how to answer difficult job interview questions

Let Clarity Media Group's interview experts help you stand out in your next job interview. Click here to meet Lucy, your career coach.

Try FREE Interview Practice


Coming Soon... Premium Interview Coaching Services with CMG Experts
iViewXpress wants you to be at your best when you have a job interview. That's why we partner with world-class career coaches who can help you land your dream career and stand our from other candidates.

Our partner Clarity Media Group guides job seekers through the entire hiring process, from their first cover letter to negotiating a salary.

CMG’s career services helps candidates like you to stand apart from the pack of other job seekers and excelling at the job interview. CMG makes sure that you clearly articulate the right message when seeking new job opportunities or pursuing career advancement. Bringing clarity to what makes you distinctive is a critical communications skill. Knowing how to do it can make the difference between working at something you are passionate about and just settling for a job. Contact us to receive your free consultation and meet our interview experts.

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