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Video Services for ATS to Meet Time-to-Market
Add video interview on Applicant Tracking System or Corporate Career Site

1. Innovative video features for clients
2. Accelerate product launch to the market
3. Scalable infrastructure maximizes market penetration

If you manage or own a Applicant Tracking System or Corporate Career Website, you know there are many competing offerings in the market. Be a leader, and provide video interviewing for your clients, offering them a cost effective way of collecting their candidates' information.

Email us today and obtain your free trial integration API and consultation services to evaluate what services work best for you. For more information, download our partnership introduction program here.

Join Global Partner Network

Join iViewXpress Affiliate Partner Network Today
Here's how you do it - email us today at partners@iviewxpress.com to obtain your API tool kit.

1. Request a Partner API Key - An API key will give your application access to the power of the iViewXpress Video Services Platform.

2. Browse the documentation - You will receive an API documentation and can start integration from there.

3. Agree on the business terms - You will have choice of being our reseller, distributor, or purchase our white label license. Once you agree on the business terms, we will enable a production site for you and you can launch the services on your site.

Join our LinkedIn Partner and Developer Network Group to ask and answer questions about how to develop video services for your site.

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